“I can recommend Catherine as a house and pet sitter. Her quiet and calm manner makes it a please to go away, knowing that she has everything under control. Catherine manages my horses, chickens, ducks and two dogs, elderly Jake and large Mindy all with love and care. My dogs greet Catherine with joy and Catherine manages special dietary needs, medication and exercise with no worries. Often Catherine will visit twice a day to feed the horses and check on the other animals.

In the garden, Catherine cares for plants and will put the rubbish out if needed. If, like me you love your pet and want them to stay in their own home while you’re away, then Catherine provides a wonderful service which give you peace of mind and takes the stress out of going away.”

Marion & Martin

“It has been great having Catherine look after my animals (horses and cat). She is excellent. I can now going away and relax and not worry about their welfare as I know they will be in safe caring hands. And even better – you get a message letting you know how they all were when she visited. “

Anne, Murrumbateman.

Hello Catherine,

I thought it was long past time I wrote to you to let you know just how grateful I am for the absolutely brilliant care you’ve taken of my fur-babies (and me) in the last few years. Most of the time your visits are planned, and I can go and do what I need to do – confident and comfortable that the cats are in the best hands. That they will get the care, love, medication and general pampering they need and crave.  Then there were the short notice emergencies!! I cannot even begin to articulate how grateful I am that you were there and willing to make room in your schedule at short notice when I wound up in hospital for a month after a riding accident. And then again when circumstances at home changed while I was overseas for work – there you were, setting my mind at rest and looking after the critters and my home in style.

But it’s not just the critter care that I’m so grateful for. You’ve always gone the extra mile – collecting the mail, keeping the junk mail under control, watering the garden, making sure the place stayed secure, and everything else you do. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, making sure I had nice nighties to wear  and lovely toiletries to use in hospital really was above and beyond!!! Over time you’ve become more than a pet carer for me, Eddie (may he rest in peace), Flo and Ronan. We consider you a very good friend, and we are so very fortunate to have you in our lives. Hearing you talk about all of your surrogate fur kids both large and small, it’s clear that you bring the same level of care and compassion to all of your clients.

I think it’s fair to say that all of your clients – human and animal – past, present and future – have struck gold with you!!

As I write this, Ronan and Flo are “helping” me – they must have known I was writing to their “other mother” and they wanted to send purrs and headbutts your way!!


Jena, Flo, & Ronan

We have used Time Out Pet Care for our animals and small farm for several years now and couldn’t be happier with the service provided. We have three dogs and three cats and Catherine takes such good care of them, including looking after one of them at her home (because he is a close member of our family!). She goes the extra mile to make sure that in hot or cold, wet weather the animals are well and have everything they need. She also brings them special treats. Catherine cares for our budgie, including cleaning out his cage if we are away for long periods. We have chooks and ducks too and Catherine looks after them very well – replacing the straw in their nesting boxes and checking their water. Our small group of cattle are also well cared-for, water supply and fences checked and any issues reported to us and/or our vet as required. Catherine also lets us know if there are any problems at home – if the power goes off or any other issues. So whether we go away for the weekend or for longer, we know that our home and our treasured pets and livestock will be in excellent hands and cared for, probably better than we would! We and our menagerie highly recommend Time Out Pet Care.

Kate & Michael,  Murrumbateman

Catherine has been caring for my horses for a number of years now whilst I have had to go away and its great to know that they are in knowledgable and reliable hands.  I would highly recommend her services.

Judith, Murrumbateman, NSW.

She treats all our animals as if they were her own

“We run an alpaca stud so when we are away we need to ensure that our animal carer is capable of looking after large animals. Catherine can do this.”

“Catherine has been looking after our menagerie for the past 4 years. She treats all our animals as if they were her own – with love and attention. Looking after our elderly cat was additional work Catherine took in stride, nothing was too much to ask because she loved him as much as we did.”

Matthew & Angela Smith, One Tree Hill Alpacas.

…we trust her completely

“We are recognised wildlife carers and over the last four years, when we have had urgent commitments elsewhere, we have sought the assistance of Ms Catherine Burgess of Timeout Petcare to feed and clean animals we have in temporary residence, from wombats to possums to birds etc.

Ms Burgess has always been most professional and considerate and we trust her completely to resolve any unforeseen problems which may arise with our animals or our property.”

(Dr) Kevin Baker & Jane Baker, OAM.

Catherine ticks all theboxes

“All of our dogs feeding,rugging, and cleaning andbedding requirements are always taken care of. Catherine has a natural affinity with the dogs.  She does the little extras to make sure they are exercised and spends some time with them so they feel loved. We needed to have a reliable and competent doggy babysitter. Catherine ticks all the boxes!!!”

Maryanne & Graham.

…reluctant to use any one else

“I can always go on holidays knowing that my dogs are well fed, walked and killed with kindness.  I have many plants in pots and a garden that requires watering on hot days. Again Catherine does all my watering, collects my mail and if need be puts my rubbish bins out.

I would highly recommend Catherine from Time Out Pet Care and would be very reluctant to use any one else.”


…professional, experienced and dedicated care

“Thanks to Catherine’s professional, experienced and dedicated care, I can go away safe in the knowledge that all my animals (and my garden) will be more than well cared for.”

Jennifer, Murrumbateman.

…come home to healthy animals and garden

“My animals adore Cathy. I can tell by the way they are all over her when she visits before we go away which is often. They are well fed, watered and cared for. If they are ill, the vet is called or it has been known for Cathy to take them home until they are well.
As we live on a farm our animals are important to us and like Cathy we believe in responsible care. We often engage Cathy for one visit per day but if a situation arises, while we are away, she will come twice.
My garden is watered, mail collected and Cathy has even vacuumed my house and left dinner in the fridge for us when we come home.

I can’t recommend Cathy highly enough. I know I can go away, not stress, and come home to healthy animals and garden “

Cherie, Yass.

Certainty… in their home environment

“I have used Time Out Pet Care since the beginning. I have never had a moments worry when leaving to go away, and know that my very precious animals are all in the best of hands.  It doesn’t matter whether it is horses, dogs or the gold fish they are all cared for to highest possible standards. What is very special is the little additional things that are done while we are away that really makes Time Out Pet Care a specialist and professional service, for example watering the vegie patch, cleaning the tack shed and collecting the mail.

I would be happy to recommend this business to everyone who really loves their animals and wants to have certainty that they are well cared for in their home environment by a person who loves them as much as the owner.”


Best in the business

“Travelling to Canberra daily and Sydney most weekends for three years straight – we were in serious need for a solution to our pet caring needs. Our 12 year old cat was high maintenance, the horses – well they are a full time job at the best of times.  FindingCatherine to look after our pets was like winning the lottery. Knowing the pets would be treated to the best service available, day and night, rain, hail, snow or shine – Catherine provided the best service including two hard to find fundamentals – Reliability and Trust.

A simple late notice phone call and it was always sorted. No fuss, friendly and prompt service.
Catherine never missed a beat for all of those years, and always went over and above – highly recommend Cath to anyone who needs the best pet care available. Simply superb.
Thanks a million Catherine.

Bev, Paul & little Lachlan.

Catherine has truly given me Time Out

“Having lots of beloved pets I was stuck at home because I was reluctant to have someone look after them. Then I found Catherine at Time Out Pet Care.  Catherine, who has been looking after my pets for many years now, is extremely reliable and able to deal with my menagerie with ease. My two horses are rugged and fed/watered, the gaggle of geese fed, let out or in as the case may be

My 3 fussy cats, one of whom is on medication, are loved and looked after and have never escaped the house. And our very fussy/grumpy parrot who is mistrustful of strangers, loves Catherine to the point of ‘talking’ to her which she only does to family, saying bye-bye and blowing kisses when she leaves.

In fact if Catherine pops by to say hello, Sonic screaches loudly until I let her out and allow her to talk and be with Catherine. Catherine always goes that “one step further” doing anything necessary to make my absences stress free.
I highly recommend her. Catherine at Time Out Petcare has truly given me ‘Time Out’.”