Time Out Pet Care’s dog walking service is free for the first 20 mins with a dog or puppy care visit. A pet care visit to care for your dog/dogs is the standard rate of $30 for once a day or $55 for twice a day, this entitles you to all the free services listed in the costings.

If your dog likes to go for a walk, your visit will entitle your dog/s to 20mins of play time, dog walking or attention time. All water and dishes are cleaned at each visit.
Additional walking time is at $30 per hour.

Provided the tools are provided I am happy as part of your visit to:

  • Walk your dog/s 20 mins or
  • Play time 20 mins
  • Groom your dog/s
  • Poop scoop
  • Put to bed and change bedding as needed air bedding and launder as requested
  • Give medication
  • Prepare special meals as per instructions and special diets as needed

Please! Always feel free to discuss the needs of your dog’s/pets with me and we will work out your visit needs together.