Time Out Pet Care will come to your farm to care for all your loved pets large or small giving them the individual attention that they need when their family is away.

The care is professional, thorough and carried out with lots of genuine care and attention to detail.

Your instructions and requests are followed.

Every effort will be made to advise the Pet/Animal owner of any issues with their animals or property as soon as possible, depending where they are and if in contact range at the time.

You will be advised as to the health of your pets by SMS as often as you request.

Time Out Pet Care is experienced with the care of cattle, sheep, alpacas, poultry, pigs, and horses. I am able to operate machinery to assist in the feeding of stock.

This service includes:

  • All animals fed as instructed
  • All feeders are cleaned and water changes carried out as instructed
  • All pet hygiene needs are attended to
  • Medication given
  • Hooves picked as needed
  • Health checked – all animals are checked as directed by the owner
  • Bins managed
  • Mail collected
  • No junk mail left
  • Garden watered
  • Lights turned on and off
  • Gates and access checked
  • Fencing checked
  • Water checked

Any other requests? Just talk to me

The service available in HOME CARE IS AVAILABLE IN THIS SERVICE to accommodate the needs of the domestic pets as well as the farm animals. Your security is a major concern for me and I do not advertise in any way that you are not at home. I have no signage on my vehicle and do not post on Facebook the names of your pets or their photos without your permission and then only after the care period is completed.

See costings for the price of this service.
The price may vary depending on location, time to be spent at each visit and number of animals to receive care.