Pricing and Costs

Valid for 12 months from 1 November 2020

What you get for FREE

Your pet and animal minder introductory visit for you and your pet(s) to get to know me, and me to get to know your pet(s) and you and understand your needs. This visit is totally free.

  • Documentation of your needs and the needs of your treasured pets and large animals.
  • Also free are any further visits to discuss changes to your pets and animals care which can occur over time.
  • Property security check.
  • Mail collection including Post Office visits.
  • Bin management.
  • Garden Pots and Inside Pots watered.
    Extensive garden watering will incur an extra modest charge ($40 per hour) or part there of.
  • No extra costs for litter cleaning.
  • No extra costs for medication giving.
  • Poop scoop is free where a scoop is provided.
  • 20 min dog walk or play time is included in the visit where the visit is to care for dogs only.

Costs of Pet Home Care and Farm Animal Care Visits

  • Once a day visits – $35 plus GST
  • Twice a day visits – $65 plus GST
  • Public Holidays – $15 surcharge 
  • Peak time visits/bookings (dates / times detailed in the service agreement on this website) will need to paid 7 days in advance prior to the care start date to secure the booking – there is no refund on these bookings in line with the service agreement unless discussed with Time Out Pet Care.
  • Overnight stays which include the PM and AM care of your pets –  $110 per night
  • Visits that will take extensive time because they are complex and involve a large number of animals will be an extra modest cost and this will be discussed at your initial meeting with me.
  • Visits that incur lengthy travel or extensive travel on dirt roads will incur a $20 extra cost for each visit
  • Stable cleaning $30 per hour or part thereof.
  • Charge for horse rug changes up to 2 rugs per horse max of 3 horses.
  • Charges of $5 per horse will apply after the initial 3 horses.
  • Garden watering specific visits will incur an extra small fee of $40 per hour including travel time.
  • To the supermarket or other retail outlets will be an extra charge as out lined in the service agreement.